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James Johnson of the Miami Heat talks to Chugwater Chili Corp

Leslie Beadles James Johnson; Miami Heat Nba; Cheyenne East; Wyoming; Wyoming Tribune Eagle; Steven Hunt; Jeremiah Johnke Nick Maiorana

Photo Courtesy: NBA Photo

30 year old Cheyenne East graduate James Johnson currently plays for the Miami Heat. Sportswriter Steven Hunt says "Johnson takes immense pride in his ties to Wyoming. He realizes his formative years there played an integral role in not only helping him reach the NBA, but also stick there." In Hunt's article and several publications, James Johnson credits his success to his time in Wyoming. Of course we are glad to share James Johnson's story on our website and are equally flattered for his interview. 

1. What has surprised you about being a professional basketball player?

James Johnson: How far basketball has taken me. The places I have traveled to and the people I have been able to meet.

What does it take to play professionally?

James Johnson: It takes an outstanding grind and mindset of where you want to go. You can’t have any distractions. If you want to be a professional, then you have to act like a professional.

Photo Courtesy: NBA photo 

2. What have you learned as a professional basketball player?

James Johnson: It’s a dream and it’s fun, but at the end of the day, it’s a job.

3. What are some of your goals as an athlete?

James Johnson: To mentor others and to let them know how I got to where I am at and that it is not for everyone.

4. What do you miss about living in Wyoming?

James Johnson: I miss the Frontier Days, I always like the Frontier Days.

5. Have you tried Chugwater Chili? And how do you like to eat your chili?

James Johnson: I haven’t tried Chugwater Chili yet, but I hope to soon.

Credit: Hunt, Steven. "Johnson embraces Heat, Spoelstra's philosophy", 7 March 2017; Johnke, Jeremiah. Wyoming Tribune Eagle, 7 March 2017; Maiorana, Nick. Media Relations, Miami Heat.  


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