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Only about 200 people live in Chugwater, Wyoming, and most are familiar with running cattle, brandings, and the Wyoming State Championship Chili Recipe. In fact, in 1986 five Chugwater farming and ranch families purchased the award winning recipe, started Chugwater Chili Corporation, and made the Chugwater Chili Signature recipe renowned across the world. Now thirty four years later, two farming and ranch families, Karen Guidice and Justin Gentle, have purchased Chugwater Chili Corporation to keep the Chugwater Chili tradition going strong.  Karen and Justin manage the business, Bim, Vicki, and Angela do the packaging and shipping of orders. Katie helps customers in the retail store, manages our social media pages, and writes the recipes for our recipe blog. Our favorite Chugwater Chili products vary greatly from the Red Bell Pepper Jelly to the Southwest Style Seasoning Dip, but we all agree that Chugwater Chili is our favorite chili, and we are happy to work for the Chugwater Chili tradition.    

"The Chugwater Chili Crew: Karen, Justin, Barb, Katie, Vicki."


Chugwater Chili Corporation started in June of 1986, when five local farm and ranch families purchased the Wyoming State Championship Chili Recipe and turned it into a "for-profit" business to help the business community and the town of Chugwater.  From humble beginnings in a home basement office and a ranch bunkhouse for packaging, the Corporation headquarters are now located at 210 1st Street, Chugwater, Wyoming.  As our billboards along the highway suggest; we welcome visitors to stop in for a free taste of our products as well as to say "Hello".


At first glance, it looks like any other small town, but there's something distinctively different about Chugwater, Wyoming.  Legend  tells of an old Indian chief whose son, known as "The Dreamer", just couldn't see fit to hunt buffalo the hard way. Lazy though he was, the chief's son was also somewhat enterprising and was said to have thought up the idea of stampeding the unsuspecting buffalo over the chalk cliffs that now surround the town.  This is now known as the famous "Buffalo Jumps".  Because of the sound of the falling buffalo in the creek below, the Dreamer's trap became known as "water at the place where the buffalo chug".  The white settlers later adopted the Indian name "Chugwater".

Chugwater became a station of the Cheyenne-Deadwood stage route, the home of the large and famous Swan Land and Cattle Company, as well as the stomping grounds of the notorious Tom Horn!

Now Chugwater is known for its award winning Chugwater Chili.

 Want to know a little history and how Chugwater got it's name?



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