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Holly and Champagne - Sean Mulligan's Rodeo Horses

Holly & Champagne

Every horseman or horsewoman knows about searching for the perfect horse. Sean Mulligan's Holly, a very red sorrel mare, and Champagne, a reddish brown chestnut, just might be. In fact Sean traveled with his horses Holly and Champagne to Nampa, Idaho for the Elite Rodeo Association rodeo which airs this Wednesday, April 20th on Fox Sports 2.  Sean is blessed to raise and train his own horses, so it is extra special to place at big rodeos with his own team. 

Like a teenager at only 8 years old, Holly usually has a good personality, but she can act her age, sometimes. Even though she might occasionally pull back on her lead rope, the feisty disposition that can get her in trouble is the same grit that makes her a star. The heart, toughness, and try are just the traits Sean wants and has in his super talented and super smart Holly.

The older, maturer Champagne compliments the trio perfectly. At age 18 Champagne is a renowned hazing horse and is one of the best at keeping the steer running straight. In the pasture she goes with the flow, but in the arena she runs as fast if not faster than the steer wrestler's horse clocking in at about 20 mph. At Nampa, ID ERA cowboy Bray Armes and Champagne hazed for Sean, and the two cowboys have traveled and competed together for the last few years. 

While Holly and Champagne are still new to the indoor rodeo circuit, Sean could not be more pleased with them. The rodeo means a lot of travel time, so on the road the horses get breaks every four to six hours. Plus, to prepare them for the performances, Sean uses special treats to get them to stretch their necks. When working with animals, Sean suggests to always remember their sensitivity and intelligence. They count on every move the handler makes, and they "generally [are] trying to please."

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