Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Ship Internationally?

Yes you can ship internationally. At checkout you will add in the international shipping address and choose your shipping rates. We typically only ship via USPS on international orders.

Are Your Products Gluten Free?

Our Products are Gluten Free, All Natural, contain No MSG or Preservatives

How Do I Send a Gift to Someone?

Follow our step by step article on how to send a gift during checkout. Link to article

Where Can I Find Chugwater Chili?

We have a great store locator that you can use to search and see if Chugwater Chili is sold in your area. If not aks your local grocery store managers to look into getting our product on their shelves. Link to Locator

Do You Drain the Pinto Beans? 

You do not need to drain the pinto beans when making our chili. If you want a thicker chili you can drain some of the bean juice off. It is up to you. 

Is Chugwater Chili Vegan Friendly? 

Yes our blend of 12 spices is just the blend of 12 spices. No animal products are added into the spice blend.