About Our Staff: 

Stop in at our world headquarters in Chugwater, and you will run into local owner Karen Guidice, and meet our office and marketing manager, Katie Kernan. Karen is a local resident of Chugwater who strives to see Chugwater Chili continue to grow and stay a staple of the local community and economy. Katie provides customer service along with managing our social media pages and our website food blog.

Vicki is our production manager who oversees the packaging of our products. Her team of packagers are all local residents who work to keep Chugwater Chili on customer's shelves. 

Utilizing local Chugwater residents all of our products are packaged and distributed from our FDA inspected facility in Chugwater along with our Red Pepper Jelly which is made in house.  

Look for us on the road and you will have the chance to meet our owner Karen and some of our many other locals who love to travel and let the world know all about the "Gourmet Spice of Western Life".

We look forward to meeting you!