Did you know that we carry a variety of neat Wyoming history books? Have you ever wanted to learn more about the wild west, fun road trips stop in Wyoming or neat new recipes from the Montana wilderness? We have you covered with our awesome selection of unique books that are bound to spark your next adventures or take you on a trip to learning something new.

In our retail store here in Chugwater, WY and on our online website we have so many fun books you can buy. We even have some great books that are written by local authors. There are also tons of books about the history of the area we live in.

There a so many great titles that are in our collection of books. Here are a few we want to highlight to give you an idea of the books we carry.

We love to help support local Wyoming businesses. On our online store and our retail store you can find a variety of Wyoming made products. Here is a list of Wyoming made brands and products that we carry including Baer's Pantry, Hot Tamn's, Cheyenne Coffee Company, Bryant Honey, and Pine Cone Pottery. 

We have so many more recipes on our website that use a variety of ingredients. If you are stuck at home and need new recipes to inspire your meals during the quarantine period or need to find a way to use ingredients you have in the freezer we have a lot of great recipes for you to check out. They all feature step by step directions plus some have ideas for substituting ingredients. We hope you guys stay safe and healthy during this time and that we can help make things easier for you at home. 
While chili is a delicious treat to make it is also a very healthy meal to eat. Here are some great health benefits that come with a bowl of chili.  
Amid the COVID-19 health scare we wish to help provide you with some information that you can use to stay safe and healthy. We will also be outlining some of the practices we are taking to keep our customers and employees safe at the time.
We are excited to be entering our fall/holiday festival and gift show season for 2019. Check out where we will be and try to come see us.
We are excited to have a booth for the 2019 Cheyenne Frontier Days. Make sure to stop by for a sample or to stock up on your favorite products.
Hello everyone!!! We are excited to be attending the Oak Brook Artisan Market at the Oak Brook Center May 18th- 19th.
This is the perfect chance for you to stop by to sample our products, stock up on your favorites, and have a great Chugwater Chili experience. We will have a variety of our products in a variety of sizes. You will have the chance to sample all of our products. We are excited to see new faces at these shows.