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What To Do If You Are Having Issues On Our Website?

We all know that technology is great when it decides to paly nice and work well but sometimes there can be issues. 

Chugwater Chili works hard to try to keep our website up to date and functioning for our customers. However in the odd chance that something glitches or goes wrong please feel free to reach out to use via phone at 1-800-972-4454 or give us an email at It helps us when we get notified of issues so we can work to get them resolved.

We are more than happy to an order over the phone for you and get you your favorite Chugwater Chili products. 

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Lynda Thiele

Lynda Thiele

April 27, 2024

I can’t read the ingredients that are in your chugwater chili seasoning. they are blurred on the screen. Please let me know what is in this thanks

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