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Jason D. Williams Concert and Chugwater Chili Dinner Longmire Days 2017


Jason D. Williams was 5 years old when he performed the gospel song "A Closer Walk with Thee" at a nursing home. After his performance, he ran to hide behind his mother, but when he realized the audience loved what they heard, he knew music was something special to him. Others started to notice more too when he was playing a lot of Big Band inspired music on his neighbor's piano and out came Honky Tonk.

No longer a bashful 5 year old, music has become the fabric of Jason D. William's being, and the variety of music at his shows make them special. He might be playing upside down, drumsticks inside the piano, or the piano might fly off the stage and turned into firewood. He describes his act like a vaudeville show where the entertainment value equals the musical value.

He is excited about going back to Buffalo, playing the closing concert at Longmire Days, and the final dinner sponsored by Chugwater Chili Corp. His energetic ragtime, rockabilly, and jazz style is spontaneous like the splatter paint artist Jackson Pollock and strong like the athlete Joe Namath. Since he never rehearses for his shows, audiences are guaranteed the fun of spontaneity.

In his musical career he has enjoyed playing at the White House, Carnegie Hall, and all kinds of small places in between. He advises if you ever get down on life in America, get out and travel the country. See the small towns and the people that make this country great.

In addition to performing music, Jason D. Williams is also an avid bird watcher. He says it is a wonderful passion that keeps him directly in touch with nature. No doubt the music of birds inspires his work, and he also learns about people from watching bird behavior.  

To get ready for each show the 58 year old Jason likes to run 3-5 miles, and he does not eat extremely close to show time. Each show requires a lot of energy, and audience members can expect a Holy Moly Roller Coaster of a ride that will take the audience back in time to the 1950s. Each show has a real energy. Each show is different. Each show is honest, too honest sometimes of a recollection of the way it was. He now lives in Memphis, Tennessee with his wife, but he grew up in Eldorado, Arkansas in a 200 mile radius of other uniquely American musicians like Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Fats Domino. Like them, Jason D. Williams' musical style has strong southern roots. To see him perform is really a chance to witness pure American music that will always be an immeasurable inspiration to so many types of modern music.

He was also greatly inspired by pianist George Winston and his blues song "Miles City Train."  When Jason was younger his cousin, a guitarist, told him, "Your fingers are paints, and the piano keys are canvas." Jason believed him, and off he went on his career.

For more information contact the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce and Chugwater Chili Corp. For more information about Jason D. Williams go to 

  • Concert Date: July 9, 2017
  • Concert Ticket Price: $20.00
  • 4:00 pm music by Nate Champion Band
  • 7:00 pm music by Jason D Williams 


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