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Wyoming Ghost Stories

Eerie True Tales

by Debra D Munn

Scares and frights and mysteries! Haunted houses! Eerie voices! The walking dead!

Here are the ghosts of Wyoming, the strange but true tales of unnerving sights and sounds that have never been explained. Footsteps when no one is there. Things that move that shouldn’t move. Spectral bedside visitors and ghastly ghoulish sights.

These stories span the state wherever ghosts ramble and roam. There are stories from Cheyenne, Sheridan, Cody, Laramie, Casper, Rawlings, Green River, and lots of places in between. The subjects are star-crossed lovers, murderers and the murdered, miners and cowboys and Native Americans, all carefully researched and authenticated by interviews with the people who have witnessed the unknown and unexplained.

So find a comfortable chair and settle in for an entertaining read about the Cowboy State’s ghosts…and is that a ghostly wail you hear or just the Wyoming wind?