Beef Stick

Improve your snacking with our all natural beef stick is a flavorful, quick treat to snack on!

It comes in two tasty flavors:

  • The Chili Beef Stick contains our Chugwater Chili Seasoning to create a flavorful beef stick.
  • The Chili Cheese Beef Stick combines our Chili Seasoning with cheese to create a savory treat.

If you love beef sticks this is the item to buy!

It is also a great treat to buy for your outdoor adventures such as hiking, fishing, boating, and other adventures. 

Easy snack for road trips. 

Convenient size to slip into your purse or backpack. 

You get two beef sticks in a package. 

  • No MSG 
  • All Natural 
  • All Beef 
  • Made in the USA 

2 oz: Chili Beef Stick

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