Hot Tamn's Hot Sauce

Locally made these unique and flavorful hot sauces will spice up your day!!!

These hot sauces are a fun treat for your table with their unique names. 

Hot Tamn's is a local company out of Southeast Wyoming which has operated since 2007.

They provide a unique spicy flavor to great hot sauces, and wonderful snacks with a bite. 

Great as a gift for those who like it spicy. 

Made with simple ingredients. 

Handmade and bottled. 

Happy White Girl

  • Mild but tasty.
  • Uses bell peppers and jalapenos. 
  • Green hot sauce. 

Bite Me

  • Hotter than the Happy White Girl. 
  • Uses serrano peppers. 
  • Green hot sauce. 

Out With a Bang

  • Hotter than Bite Me.
  • Uses a combination of jalapeno, serrano, kung pao, and other hot peppers. 
  • Red hot sauce. 

Devil's Breath

  • The hottest we carry.
  • Uses a combination of habanero, kung pao, jalapeno, Carolina reaper, ghost and other hot peppers. 
  • Green hot sauce. 


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