Honey, Pure Wyoming

Enjoy the sweet taste of Wyoming Honey added to your kitchen table!!!

Bryant Honey is extracted and bottled in Worland, Wyoming.

The hives are placed throughout Wyoming including right here in Platte county.

Enjoy this all natural product all year long.

Honey is a healthy natural medicine that can help make you feel your best. 

Ways to use honey:

  • In tea. 
  • On Biscuits. 
  • For allergies. 
  • Sooth a sore throat. 
  • The possibilities are endless. 

Two sizes available

  • 12 oz. Squeezable bear
  • 32 oz Squeezable bear

Note if the honey crystalizes place the jar in a pot of water and boil until it clears. 

If you like honey try out Queen Bee Garden's honey caramels!!!

Size: 12 oz. Squeezable bear
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