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News — Jalan Crossland

Jalan Crossland talks with Chugwater Chili

Leslie Beadles Chugwater; Wyoming; Chugwater Chili Corp Jalan Crossland

In between gigs and recording his newest album, Jalan Crossland muses with us about his favorite music, why he loves Wyoming, and his favorite way to eat Chugwater Chili. Of course I want to know how you like to eat Chugwater Chili. Any toppings? And what to drink with it? I love Chugwater Chili! Every time I'm driving past Chugwater on I-25, I stop and pick up as large a bowl as is available at the shop there in town. I wish they offered a bucket size bowl along with a garden spade spoon. Naturally, it is best with Fritos,...

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