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Fiesta Chicken Tortilla Roll-Ups/Pinwheels

This fiesta chicken tortilla roll-up or pinwheel recipe is a quick and easy appetizer that can be made. Our chili seasoning and dip and dressing mix create a fun southwest taco flavor to this recipe. It is great because it can be customized or even made ahead of time. 

fiesta chicken tortilla pinwheels on plate ready to eat

Tortilla roll-ups or pinwheels are a fun appetizer for parties, potlucks, and more. They are also great for tailgating adventures or football watch parties. You can add many different fillings to these tasty treats, from basic ham and cheese roll-ups to tasty spinach and artichoke dip ones. They are quick and easy to make plus they can be made the night before chilled and served the next day. You can also get a lot of pinwheels out of one batch. 

Our fiesta chicken tortilla roll-up recipe is a flavorful and tasty experience. We combine our chili seasoning and southwest ranch dip mix with chicken, cream cheese, diced tomatoes with green chilies, and black beans to create a creamy and tasty fiesta flavor. These are great served to guests at parties or can become a part of your family's meal-prepping activities. 

ingredients for fiesta chicken roll ups or pinwheels shredded chicken, chugwater chili seasoning, chugwater chili dip mix, flour tortillas, black beans, fiesta blend cheese, sour cream , cream cheese, diced tomatoes with green chilies

Making the Cheesy Fiesta Chicken Filling

In a medium bowl, combine 2 cups shredded chicken, 8 ounces cream cheese, ½ cup sour cream, 1 cup fiesta blend cheese,½ of a 15-ounce can diced tomatoes with green chilies, 1 cup black beans that have been drained and rinsed, 1 tablespoon Chugwater Chili Dip & Dressing Mix, and1 tablespoon Chugwater Chili Seasoning (if you want them spicier you can add 1 more tablespoon of Chugwater Chili Seasoning or substitute in the Chugwater Chili Hot Chili Seasoning). Stir until well combined.

Optional add-ins to the rolls ups include diced jalapeno, diced red bell pepper, chopped olives, and chopped cilantro. 

ingredients for roll up filling in bowl shredded chicken, shredded cheese, diced tomatoes with green chilies, black beans, chugwater chili seasoning, chugwater chili dip mix, sour cream

fiesta chicken tortilla roll up/ pinwheel filling mixed together in bowl

Rolling the Tortilla Roll Ups/Pinwheels 

On a flour tortilla spread a layer of the chicken mixture. You do not want the layer to be super thick to where you cannot roll the roll up but not too thin to where you cannot get the flavor of the filling in your bite.

fiesta chicken filling spread on flour tortilla shell

Roll the tortilla starting at one edge and set aside. Repeat until the mixture has been used.

tortilla rolled up with fiesta chicken filling inside

tortillas filled and rolled with fiesta chicken filling ready to be chilled until sliced 

Chill and Cut the Tortilla Roll-Ups/Pinwheels

Chill the tortilla roll-ups for at least 30 minutes then slice them to create round pinwheel-like bite-sized pieces. Chilling in the refrigerator allows the filling to set up and makes slicing the pinwheels easier.  

How to Serve Fiesta Chicken Tortilla Roll-Ups/Pinwheels 

This fiesta chicken tortilla roll-up recipe is a quick and easy treat that can be served any time of the year. They are great if you are planning any parties or family gatherings. If you need a fun tailgating or football watch party appetizer these are great. There are so many ways to serve them to guests. They can also be used as a meal-prepping snack or lunch for you or your family. 

fiesta chicken tortilla roll ups/ pinwheels on plate ready to serve garnished with cilantro

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