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Hawaiian Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This Hawaiian grilled cheese sandwich is a flavorful treat. Our red pepper jelly adds a nice sweet and savory kick to this grilled cheese recipe.

hawaiian grilled cheese on plate with extra chugwater chili red pepper jelly

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a fun comfort food that you can enjoy if you have a few simple ingredients. The classic grilled cheese is a combination of bread, butter, and your choice of melty cheese in the middle. If you are more adventurous you can add in a type of meat, vegetables, or a sauce into your grilled cheese recipe to make your own gourmet grilled cheese creation.

Our Hawaiian grilled cheese is a fun flavorful twist on a grilled cheese sandwich. We use our red pepper jelly to create a sweet and savory flavor in the sandwich. Paired with pineapple and ham you have a fun tropical-inspired treat.

ingredients for hawaiian grilled cheese sandwich

Preparing the Bread

You will want to use two slices of bread if you are making a sandwich for yourself. You can choose whatever type of bread you prefer whether it is wheat, white, sourdough, or potato bread. Make sure the slices are not super thin and stack well together.

You will want to butter one side of the bread slices. Set the bread slices aside.

bread with butter spread on it

Adding the Middle of the Grilled Cheese

You can assemble the grilled cheese on a plate or directly in a small skillet. Place the buttered side down then add a slice of provolone cheese, around 4 thin slices of ham (if you wish to use a thicker cut you can you will just use fewer slices), a thin slice of pineapple (you can buy this pre sliced in a can from the store), then a spread a layer of Chugwater Chili Red Pepper Jelly on top. Place another slice of cheese then the last slice of bread. Keep the buttered side out.

slice of provolone cheese added to bread

4 slices of ham added on top of provolone cheese on bread

sliced pineapple added to ham on provolone on bread

Chugwater Chili Red Pepper Jelly added on top of sliced pineapple

provolone cheese added on top of chugwater chili red pepper jelly

last bread slice added on top of grilled cheese

You can easily find sliced ham at your local grocery store or if you have leftovers after the holidays use slices off of it for this sandwich.

I am using pre-sliced pineapple from a can for this recipe but if you want you can also use crushed pineapple in this recipe too. Make sure to drain as much of the juice as you can. 

This recipe is very customizable. If you want to use less of an ingredient or more you can easily adjust to your taste preferences. 

Cooking the Hawaiian Grilled Cheese Sandwich

On low to medium heat in a small skillet cook the grilled cheese until both sides are golden and the cheese is melted in the middle. 

hawaiian grilled cheese in skillet ready to be cooked

hawaiian grilled cheese that has been browned on one side

How to Serve a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Now that your Hawaiian grilled cheese sandwich is ready you can enjoy it. This is a great recipe to serve on a cold day with a cup of soup or alone as a meal in itself. You can also serve it with chips, fruit, or a salad. There are a lot of options when serving this grilled cheese sandwich.

cooked hawaiian grilled cheese with extra side of chugwater chili red pepper jelly

You have now learned a fun new way to make a grill cheese sandwich. This is a great recipe if you want to switch up your lunch or dinner plans and try something new, fun, and flavorful.

Now that you have learned a fun new recipe using our Chugwater chili red pepper jelly here are a few others you will enjoy.





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