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Creamy Green Chile Biscuits and Gravy

This creamy green chile biscuits and gravy recipe is a quick and easy breakfast recipe that is packed with flavor. Our green chili seasoning when paired with the pork sausage and diced green chilies creates a fun new flavor for your biscuits and gravy. 

cream green chile gravy over biscuits

Biscuits and gravy are a classic breakfast dish. It is a great dish that can be served for breakfast, brunch, or if you like to do breakfast for dinner nights. This is a hearty meal that usually consists of a white pork gravy spread over biscuits. 

Our green chile biscuit and gravy recipe is a fun new twist on the classic biscuits and gravy recipes. We add diced green chilies and our award-winning green chili seasoning to a classic easy-to-make pork white gravy. If you love the flavor of green chilies this will be a new favorite recipe. This quick and easy breakfast recipe is great if you want a hearty and filling breakfast or meal. 

ingredients for creamy green chile biscuits and gravy sausage, diced green chilies, onion, milk, flour, chugwater chili green chile seasoning

Making the Creamy Green Chili Pork Gravy 

In a medium pot, brown up 1 pound of pork sausage and ¼ diced onion in 1 tablespoon of oil or lard. 

pork sausage browned up with onion in pot

Add in 4 ounces of diced green chilies (Can be any heat level you prefer. I usually use the mild green chilies.), 2 ½ tablespoons Chugwater Chili Green Chili Seasoning, and ½ cup flour to create a roux.

flour, diced green chilies, and Chugwater Chili green chili seasoning added to pot with browned pork sausage

pork green chile roux

Stir in 3-4 cups of milk and bring to a simmer. The gravy will thicken as it cooks. Usually, I start by adding 3 cups of milk then if I think the gravy is too thick I add a little extra milk into it. The gravy should be thick enough to spoon onto biscuits but not so runny that it is like soup.

milk added into pot with cooked pork sausage and green chile base

Cook until the gravy has thickened. Salt and pepper to taste. 

thickened creamy pork gravy for biscuits and gravy

Assembling the Biscuits and Gravy 

If you choose to make homemade biscuits you can or you can use store-bought biscuits it is up to you. 

Take a biscuit and slice it in half. Top the biscuit with a spoonful of gravy and enjoy. 

How to Serve Creamy Green Chile Biscuits and Gravy 

Green chile biscuits and gravy is a hearty breakfast dish that can be served not only for breakfast but for dinner as well. Sometimes it is fun to do breakfast for dinner to switch up your evening meals. This recipe is great for serving your family. It is quick and easy to make. Plus if you are a fan of green chilies then this flavorful recipe is going to be a new favorite. You can pair this dish with fresh fruit to create an all-around meal. You can also serve it over hashbrowns or breakfast potatoes if you do not want it on biscuits. There are some fun ways to enjoy this new twist on biscuits and gravy. 

creamy green chile gravy over biscuits ready to serve

Now that you have learned a fun new recipe using our green chili seasoning,  here are a few others you should try!

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