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Chili Cheese Snack Mix

This chili cheese snack mix recipe is a fun and easy treat you can enjoy any time of the year. Our chili seasoning combined with cheese crackers creates a flavorful easy treat for snacking. This is a great recipe for hiking, camping, and other adventures.

chili cheese snack mix in bowl

Snack mixes are a fun and easy way to snack on the go. There are a variety of different snack mixes you can create. Most have a cereal base with nuts, fruit, or seeds added into them. You can have an all-fruit snack mix, a trail mix with chocolate pieces in it, or a classic cereal snack mix with pretzels. There are so many options when creating this fun snack item. They are also really convenient for snacking if you have any road trips, camping trips, hiking adventures, and other outdoor activities.

This chili cheese snack mix is seasoned with our award-winning chili seasoning to create a delicious and flavorful treat. It is a great combination of cereals, pretzels, cheese crackers, and more. You will find that this tasty snack mix is going to be one of your new favorites for road trips, hunting, hiking, and so much more.

Mixing Together the Dry Snack Mix Ingredients

In a large bowl combine 2 cups cheese crackers, 1 cup pretzels, 2 cups rice cereal, 2 cups corn cereal, and 1 cup mixed nuts. Stir together.

rice cereal, corn cereal, pretzels, mixed nuts, cheese crackers in mixing bowl

The mixed nuts are optional if you have a nut allergy you can leave them out and try a seed instead like sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.

For the cheese crackers, you can use any shape you wish whether it is the square crackers or fish-shaped ones. I also tend to use plain cheese crackers so that you can enjoy the chili flavor in the snack mix. If you want to mix cheese cracker shapes, you can.

dry ingredients for chili cheese snack mix in bowl mixed together

Making the Chili Sauce

In a small bowl combine the 2 1/2 tablespoons Chugwater Chili Seasoning with 9 tablespoons melted butter. You can choose to melt the butter in the microwave or on a pot on the stove.  If you want the snack mix to be spicier you can use the Chugwater Chili Hot Chili Seasoning. Stir until blended.

9 tablespoons melted butter and 2 1/2 tablespoons chugwater chili seasoning blended together in bowl

Seasoning the Chili Cheese Snack Mix

Drizzle the chili sauce onto the dried snack mix ingredients and stir until all of the dry ingredients are coated with sauce.

chili sauce added to dry ingredients in bowl

chili sauce mixed with dry snack mix ingredients in bowl

Cooking the Snack Mix

This snack mix is convenient because you can cook it a couple of different ways. If you have an oven or a microwave you can easily create this recipe. Here is how to cook this recipe.

Microwave Directions

If your mixing bowl is microwave safe you can use it if not place the snack mix in a microwave-safe bowl. Cook for about 6 minutes stirring every 2 minutes until snack mix is crispy. If you have a higher-powered microwave the time might have to be reduced.

cooked snack mix in microwave safe mixing bowl

Oven Directions

Place on a cookie sheet or in a large baking dish and cook at 250 degrees for 20 minutes. Halfway through at 10 minutes stir the snack mix.

How to Serve Chili Cheese Snack Mix

This chili cheese snack mix is a great snack to pack on trips and adventures. It can also be a fun snack to pack in your kids’ lunch boxes for school or to serve at a party or potluck. There are a lot of options for sharing this convenient snack mix with others or just enjoying a snack on your own.

chili cheese snack mix in bowl ready to eat

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